Less is more: lined eyes and nude lips


Dialling down makeup doesn’t mean making less impact. Plus, breakout products for smoother skin and curly hair

Beauty is obsessed with minimalism right now. Terrific news for those who find multi-step makeup – blending, brushing, baking – laborious. For maximalists, take heart. This doesn’t mean makeup-free, it’s just about dialling things down as per the nude lip/lined eyes combo at Marc Jacobs AW20. For precision, use a liquid liner, but if you fancy a smudgy alternative (or are a little cack-handed) use kohl (close your eyes and run it between your lashes and lower rim). Finish with a nude lip. I promise this modern finish will quell your desire for a full face. For now at least.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Lips £22, charlottetilbury.com
  2. YSL Beauty Rouge Pur Couture Slim Glow Matte £30, yslbeauty.co.uk
  3. Dior Diorshow 24H Stylo Eyeliner £22.50, selfridges.com
  4. Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color £24, bobbibrown.co.uk
  5. Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon £21, harveynichols.com

I can’t do without… a glossy look perfect for those who wear their curls or coils in a bun
Brands created for curly and coily hair types are relatively few. (I have many theories as to why this is, but there isn’t space to unpack them here.) Even brands with products created to ‘help’ curly hair often use language that diminishes it. Words like ‘taming’, ‘unmanageable’, ‘difficult’ and ‘coarse’ are bandied around. While many don’t regard this as anything more sinister than superficial adjectives, the reality is they help to perpetuate negative ideas around hair types that don’t fit the mould of what society deems beautiful or acceptable. So a message to brands – please rethink your language. Terminology aside, there are some excellent brands for this hair type. One is Trepadora, a little-known UK company with a range that addresses the gamut of curly hair types (from waves to coils). The products are vegan and free from the usual suspects (parabens, silicons, mineral oil, etc). Don’t be fooled by the wellness tilt of their ingredients (avocado, acai, quinoa) as the formulas are clever and super effective. I’m hooked on the Curling Glaze. It uses pullulan (an anti-ageing skincare ingredient) to give a tightening effect, resulting in springier curls, bamboo extract to support moisture retention and Inca inchi oil to improve scalp condition and protect against hair loss. To wear your curls or coils in a slick bun, try this. It gives you the shiniest finish – and it won’t call your hair difficult.
Trepadora Bamboo Ginseng Curling Glaze, £15, trepadora.com

On my radar… Three products to brighten your skin – and day
Beating the breakouts Of new products to combat the breakout of breakouts (thank you masks, stress and lockdown), this salicylic acid- powered gel is one of the best. Dennis Gross DRx Breakout Clearing Gel, £40, spacenk.com

Better than before Reformulations of much-loved creams are all the rage. This version of Kiehl’s best seller smoothes skin, deals with unevenness and improves elasticity even better than before. Kiehl’s Super Multi Corrective Cream, £58, kiehls.co.uk

Plump up the volume This brilliant intensive skin-plumping treatment restores the skin’s barrier, builds its resilience and protects against environmental aggressors. Zelens High Potency Provitamin D Treatment Drops, £45, zelens.com